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Wisdom at Dawn

Dharma Master Cheng Yen's discourses on the Lotus Sutra and other Buddhist Sutras

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Wondrous Lotus Sutra Episode Compilation

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Essence of the Bodhi Mind

Life stories and societal events paired with Master Cheng Yen's insights, on a wide range of subjects

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Grassroots Bodhi

Snapshots of common folks dedicated to making our earth a greener place

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Da Ai Drama

True and moving stories, every day

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The Path to Awakening

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Realizing Principles through Propriety: Cultivating a Humanistic Character


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A Second and A Lifetime

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Life Economics

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The Essence of Filial Piety

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Dharma as Water volume 1 & 2

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About Us

The Dharma as Water Team is part of Tzu Chi Foundation, an international non-profit, non-governmental humanitarian organization with four major missions: charity, medicine, education, and humanistic culture. The team has been working on translating Master Cheng Yen's teachings since 2000.

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<2018.06.19> Building a Bodhisattva family

The theme for 2018 English spiritual retreat was “building a bodhisattva family,” particularly after a disaster. But, how does one define this concept and how does it apply to a spiritual retreat? Find out in these videos from Tzu Chi USA.


 <2017.08.23> Realizing Principles through Propriety

“By practicing propriety, we return to our pure nature.”
Throughout the universe, the planets and stars follow their orbits in accord with true principles. In this natural cycle of things, there is a state of peace and harmony.
It is the same for human life. In life, if we can internalize the principles of propriety, we are abiding by the true principles. Those who live in line with the principles attain harmony in their daily lives and can help their family, society, and the world thrive with virtue.

 <2016.03.27> Friends from Afar

Master Cheng Yen does not differentiate visitors by their social status or occupations. To Master, every person who visits, whether coming from near or far, is an honored guest and a friend. These people come from many different fields of professions, including mass communication, religion, medicine, environmental protection, academia, politics, business, and so on, including Archbishop Javier Lozano Barragan, Mr. Jin Yong, Mr. Mark V. Hansen, Dr. Jane Goodall, etc.