<2016.03.27> Friends from Afar

Master Cheng Yen does not differentiate visitors by their social status or occupations. To Master, every person who visits, whether coming from near or far, is an honored guest and a friend. These people come from many different fields of professions, including mass communication, religion, medicine, environmental protection, academia, politics, business, and so on, including Archbishop Javier Lozano Barragan, Mr. Jin Yong, Mr. Mark V. Hansen, Dr. Jane Goodall, etc.

The purpose of this book is to pass on the wisdom gathered from these conversations between Master Cheng Yen and her visitors. This book also strives to convey Master's broad views, which has remained unaffected despite changing times: Always uphold the principles "for the Buddha's teachings, for sentient beings," and "respect life."

Even though she is asked a multitude of questions, Master's ultimate focus is always on training the mind. As Master says, "It is better to lead a simple life. The simpler, the better. If a person's mind is directed toward virtue, he will be able to make a difference for himself and build a happy family. When families are healthy, society will be harmonious."

To "seize the moment and maintain the resolve forever" by wisely utilizing life's every instant, and to comfort sentient beings in every dark corner of the word with pure wisdom and love--these are Master's resolutions, faithful path of practice, and unwavering vows of compassion.

Master hopes that all of us can come together to develop a field of blessings by diligently cultivating both blessings and wisdom to make our lives fuller and happier!