2019.08.19 The Dharma Nourishes the Fields of Our Minds 清淨心器 法潤心田
2019.08.15 Smelling Various Fragrances with a Pure Nose-Root 清淨鼻根 聞種種香
2019.08.14 Ears and Eyes of Compassion and Wisdom 悲智耳目 聞觀眾生
2019.08.13 Dharma Teachers Peacefully Abide in Compassion 說法之人 安住悲憫
2019.08.12 The Cries of Suffering Awaken Bodhicitta in Us 耳聞諸苦 發菩提心
2019.08.09 Bodhisattvas Vow to Be Great Dharma Teachers 菩薩行願作大法師
2019.08.02 Listening to Sounds While Remaining Undefiled 聞聲清淨不染塵勞
2019.08.01 Listening with Our Ear-Root, We Can Understand All 明耳根聞 悉能解了
2019.07.31 Discerning Sounds Without Damaging Our Ear-Root 分別音聲 不壞耳根
2019.07.30 Hearing All with Pure Ordinary Ears 清淨常耳 皆悉聞知
2019.07.29 Transform Sentient Beings and Seek Out Teachings 精勤化眾 趣求道法
2019.07.26 The Dharma-essence Nourishes Our Wisdom-life 法髓甘露滋潤慧命
2019.07.25 Pure Physical Eyes Seeing the Trichiliocosm 清淨肉眼 見三千界
2019.07.24 Merits of Fearlessly Expounding the Sutra 無畏說經 聽其功德
2019.07.23 Seeing Circumstantial and Direct Retributions 由持經故 見依正報
2019.07.22 With Pure Physical Eyes, We Can See Everything 清淨肉眼 能見一切
2019.07.19 By Cultivating Our Minds, We Benefit Others 修心利群持行有成
2019.07.18 Uphold the Teachings and Eliminate Defilements 持經教者 悉除諸染
2019.07.17 The Six Roots Possess Six Thousand Merits 人身六根 六千功德
2019.07.16 Walking the Path with a Straightforward Mind 直心向道 勤行持善
2019.07.15 Share in the Joy of the Virtuous Dharma Together 隨喜善法 自他同行
2019.07.12 Dharma Teachers in the Era of Dharma-Degeneration 末世法師精進求法
2019.07.11 Immeasurable Blessings from Spreading the Dharma 宏通是法 其福難量
2019.07.10 Attaining Blessings from Listening to the Dharma 聲塵解脫 聞法得福
2019.07.09 Wisdom Comes from Listening to the Teachings 聞慧具足秉智行慈
2019.07.08 Turning Deluded Thinking into Insight 轉迷為智三明六通
2019.07.05 Manifesting Parinirvana to Deliver Sentient Beings 為度眾生示現涅槃
2019.07.04 The Middle Way, the View of Ultimate Reality 中道實相 真實法輪
2019.07.03 Rejoicing in Others' Accomplishments 見聞隨喜 深心信解
2019.07.02 Afflictions, Bodhi, Delusion and Awakening Are One 煩惱菩提迷悟一體
2019.07.01 Those with Deep Roots of Virtue Appear Pleasant 善根深厚人相具足
2019.06.28 Our Peace of Mind Is Conveyed by Our Appearance 心平舒坦喻真誠相
2019.06.27 Abandon Coarse Afflictions and Cultivate Goodness 棄麤修善 福相莊嚴
2019.06.26 Being Faultless in Our Karma of Speech 讚歎佛德 口無諸過
2019.06.25 Understanding the Principle of Emptiness 旋陀羅尼 了達空理
2019.06.24 Encouraging Others to Go and Listen to the Dharma 勸同往聽 聞得體解
2019.06.21 Helping Others Listen to the Dharma 助人聞法福報難量
2019.06.20 The Dharma-nature Is Unmoving, Like a Mountain 法性不動 如妙高山
2019.06.19 Take the Virtuous Dharma to Heart and Take Action 聞善深心 信受力行
2019.06.18 The Blessings of Those Who Take Joy in the Dharma 初隨喜者 其福無比
2019.06.17 Bodhisattvas Practice to Attain the Fruit 菩薩因行 久遠證果
2019.06.14 Hearing One Verse and Taking Boundless Joy 聞經一偈隨喜無涯
2019.06.13 Great Merits and Virtues in Spreading the Dharma 傳如實法 功德之大
2019.06.12 Charitable Giving Brings Many Blessings 布施功德 得福甚多
2019.06.11 Realize the Path and Attain Great Freedom 自度度彼悟道自在
2019.06.10 Teaching the Buddha-Dharma to the Old and Feeble 念眾衰老 訓以佛法
2019.06.07 Give with Purity in the Three Spheres of Emptiness 三輪體空清淨布施
2019.06.06 The Tathagata Abides Eternally in Suchness 如來度生 常住如是
2019.06.05 The Four Forms of Birth and the Six Realms 四生六道 依業而生
2019.06.04 Creating Karma That Enters Our Consciousness 轉根識行 成業藏識
2019.06.03 Passing Down the Dharma-Lineage Forever 傳法脈絡 綿延永續
2019.05.31 Taking Joy in Spreading the Teachings 隨喜轉教至第五十
2019.05.30 Expound the Teachings to the Best of Our Ability 如其所聞 隨力演說
2019.05.29 The Joy That Comes from Listening to the Sutra 聞經隨喜 和順布施
2019.05.28 Maitreya Questions the Buddha about the Future 彌勒啟問 釋後世疑
2019.05.27 Recruiting People to Uphold the Dharma 勸募持經 效法精進
2019.05.24 Seeing, Hearing, and Taking Joy in Others' Deeds 見聞善行隨順為喜
2019.05.23 Obtaining the Flawless Fruit and Benefiting All 得無漏果 廣博利益
2019.05.22 How the Intrinsically Pure Mind Becomes Defiled 心性本淨 諸過染垢
2019.05.21 The Benefits and Merits of Upholding the Dharma 聞法修持 功德利益
2019.05.20 Uphold the Dharma with Faith and Understanding 聞法信解 誠敬受持
2019.05.17 Uphold the Sutra in the Era of Dharma-degeneration 惡世法末 能持是經
2019.05.16 Making Offerings Through Diligent Practice 勤行供養 濁世弘法
2019.05.15 Eliminating Hindrances and Liberation from Samsara 滅障度苦 解脫生死
2019.05.14 A Mind as Steady as the Earth Reveals the Truth 定如地藏 明顯真理
2019.05.13 Spiritual Practitioners Benefit Others 行者利他 為趣道場
2019.05.10 Practice Right Dharma and Spread the Great Vehicle 修學正法弘傳大乘
2019.05.09 Bodhisattva's Offerings Benefit Sentient Beings 菩薩供養 利益眾生
2019.05.08 Uphold This Sutra and Practice the Six Paramitas 能持是經 兼行六度
2019.05.07 Engaging in All Practices of Wisdom 持經智行 其德最勝
2019.05.06 Uphold the Dharma and Spread the Right Teachings 受持正法 顯德開道
2019.05.03 Gratitude for the Three Treasures 感恩三寶持法供養
2019.05.02 Focus on Practice to Sincerely Protect the Dharma 專精道業 虔誠護法
2019.05.01 The Five Kinds of Dharma Teachers 五種法師 續佛慧命
2019.04.30 Practicing the Seven Excellences 修七善法 建七寶塔
2019.04.29 Practice This Sutra and Build a Stupa of Treasures 依經起行 為建寶塔
2019.04.26 Upholding the Dharma Is Making True Offerings 虔敬受持是真供養
2019.04.25 Bearing the Tathagata's Dharmakaya atop Our Heads 誦持是經 頂戴如來
2019.04.24 With Faith in the Dharma, We Abide on Vulture Peak 深信正法 猶處靈山
2019.04.23 Eternally Upholding Deep Faith and Understanding 深心信解 長久恆持
2019.04.22 Resonating with and Awakening to Buddha-Wisdom 契悟真諦 志求佛智
2019.04.19 Enter the Path and Give Rise to Buddha-Wisdom 出家入道能生佛智
2019.04.18 Diligently Cultivate the Three Wisdoms 勤修三慧 自持教他
2019.04.17 Understanding the Meaning of the Buddha's Lifespan 聞佛壽命 解其言趣
2019.04.16 Having Deep Faith and Understanding 深生信解 清淨質直
2019.04.15 Transforming Ourselves and Benefiting Others 能行三法 自化利他
2019.04.12 Repay the Four Graces to Swiftly Enter the Path 念報四恩得入道疾
2019.04.11 Five Paramitas as Our Feet and Wisdom as Our Eyes 五度為足 智慧為目
2019.04.10 Opening the Door to Prajna with Faith and Wisdom 信解慧明 開般若門
2019.04.09 A Focused Mind Is in Harmony with the Principles 心專會理 勤行精進
2019.04.08 Practice Patience and Abide in Gentleness 能行忍辱 住調柔地
2019.04.05 Making the Four Offerings 四事布施回向佛道
2019.04.04 Awaken Wisdom and Exercise Compassion 啟智運悲 秉慧用慈
2019.04.03 Earnestly Seeking the Path to Awakening 慈憫眾生 勤求覺道
2019.04.02 Countless Merits and Virtues in a Single Thought 一念信解 功德無量
2019.04.01 The True Wisdom of Prajna Is Our Guide 人天聞法 心皆歡喜
2019.03.29 Wisdom Guides the Five Paramitas 慧導五度令至彼岸
2019.03.28 The Four All-Embracing Virtues of Bodhisattvas 菩薩四攝 饒益眾生
2019.03.27 Benefiting Beings with Infinite Virtuous Deeds 饒益有情 善行無量
2019.03.26 Humans and Heavenly Beings Give Rise to Joy 人天聞法 心皆歡喜