2020.07.09 Ep. 0370 Shatter Illusions, Eliminate Bad Habits 破虛妄除陋習
2020.07.09 Ep. 0369 Do Not Enter the Dense Forest of Deviant Views 莫入邪見稠林
2020.07.08 Ep. 0368 Aspire to Help Sentient Beings Attain Bodhi 弘誓與正信
2020.07.08 Ep. 0367 The Endless Cycle of Existence in the Six Realms 四生六道 輪迴無窮
2020.07.02 Ep. 0360 The Light of the Heart Illuminates the World 法印心光照世間
2020.07.02 Ep. 0359 Understand His True Magnificence and Virtue 通達真諦德莊嚴
2020.07.01 Ep. 0358 Contemplate the Teachings of Impermanence 心無常 法無我
2020.07.01 Ep. 0357 Faith in the Buddha's Great Realization 信歸佛大覺
2020.06.30 Ep. 0356 With a Penetrating Mind and Faith 深心信念歸佛心
2020.06.30 Ep. 0355 Sharing the Dharma Without Reservation 施法不吝惜
2020.06.29 Ep. 0354 Sharing the Dharma Without Reservation 自性自證悟
2020.06.29 Ep. 0353 Boundless Samadhi and Wisdom 心佛一如 定慧無量
2020.06.25 Ep. 0350 The Provisional Path Guides Sentient Beings 妙權引眾生
2020.06.25 Ep. 0349 Practice Wondrous Dharma to Enter Bodhi 勤修妙法入菩提
2020.06.24 Ep. 0348 Live Out the Wondrous Dharma 活在妙法中
2020.06.24 Ep. 0347 Deeply Penetrate the Dharma-Essence 深心入法髓
2020.06.23 Ep. 0346 Walking the Path According to the Dharma 無貪最富 如法行道
2020.06.23 Ep. 0345 Teaching Buddha-children the Wondrous Path 為佛子說深妙道
2020.06.22 Ep. 0344 Be Gentle, Pure in Heart and Sharp 柔軟心 淨利根
2020.06.22 Ep. 0343 Teaching the Nine Divisions Accordingly 九部法隨順說
2020.06.18 Ep. 0340 Awaiting Conditions to Teach the Buddha's Wisdom 待機說佛慧
2020.06.18 Ep. 0339 Provisional Teachings Guide People to Truth 設權導實 引入佛道
2020.06.17 Ep. 0338 May Sentient Beings Walk the Wondrous Path 當願眾生 行深妙道
2020.06.17 Ep. 0337 Let Go of Desires 貪著當捨離
2020.06.16 Ep. 0336 Skillfully Guide Those with Limited Capabilities 慈巧方便引鈍根
2020.06.15 Ep. 0334 The Role Model Rarely Seen in the World 人間典範 世中稀有
2020.06.15 Ep. 0333 Follow the Sutra Back to Our Hearts 契經即道 依路歸心
2020.06.11 Ep. 0330 Teaching According to Sentient Beings' Desires 隨眾生欲教有情
2020.06.11 Ep. 0329 Prescribe Dharma Cures According to the Illness 應病開法藥
2020.06.10 Ep. 0328 The Power of Skillful Means 善巧方便力
2020.06.10 Ep. 0327 Remove Impurities to Retain the Steadfast and True 去糟糠 存貞實
2020.06.09 Ep. 0326 Uphold Precepts without Flaws and Leaks 持戒莫缺漏
2020.06.09 Ep. 0325 Eliminate Arrogance to Believe in the Buddha 一念守志 殷勤受法
2020.06.08 Ep. 0324 Eliminate Arrogance to Believe in the Buddha 除驕慢 信佛語
2020.06.08 Ep. 0323 Single-mindedly Believe and Understand 一心信解 受持佛語
2020.06.04 Ep. 0320 Read and Recite for Understanding 讀誦解義當力行
2020.06.04 Ep. 0319 Eliminating Delusions and Crossing Samsara 滅惑度生死
2020.06.03 Ep. 0318 Faith Gives Rise to Practice 起信起行
2020.06.03 Ep. 0317 Our Final Incarnation in Samsara 當精進證最後身
2020.06.02 Ep. 0316 Faithful Acceptance and Thorough Contemplation 信受縝思 明顯實法
2020.06.02 Ep. 0315 The Buddha's Disciples Must Know His Mind 不知佛心 非佛弟子
2020.06.01 Ep. 0314 By Listening, We Learn the Buddha's Intent 應聞應知佛心意
2020.06.01 Ep. 0313 Suitable Teachings of the One Buddha Vehicle 為一佛乘 應機說法
2020.05.28 Ep. 0310 The Influence of Purity and Turbidity 善惡行蘊 淨濁牽動
2020.05.28 Ep. 0309 The Turbid Kalpa of Dharma-degeneration 末法劫濁當覺悟
2020.05.27 Ep. 0308 Eliminate Defilements to Achieve Purity 垢去淨存無染
2020.05.27 Ep. 0307 Return to the One Buddha Vehicle 會歸一佛乘
2020.05.26 Ep. 0306 Transform Others by Awakening Wisdom 啟智運慧 善巧度化
2020.05.26 Ep. 0305 Let Go of Deeply Rooted Attachments 化解深心所著
2020.05.25 Ep. 0304 Open, Reveal, Realize and Enter 開 示 悟 入
2020.05.25 Ep. 0303 An Awakening Arises in Response 相應起覺心
2020.05.21 Ep. 0300 Teaching the Bodhisattva-path 教示菩薩法
2020.05.21 Ep. 0299 Bring Peace and Happiness to Sentient Beings 饒益安樂眾生
2020.05.20 Ep. 0298 Life Is Short; Engage in Spiritual Practice Now 人壽短暫 及時修行
2020.05.20 Ep. 0297 Sentient Beings Will Ultimately Attain Wisdom 精進修行 方得究竟
2020.05.19 Ep. 0296 The Extensive Proclamation of All Dharma 廣演說諸法
2020.05.19 Ep. 0295 Delusion Hides Suchness Like Ore Conceals Gold 惑蔽真如 如礦藏金
2020.05.18 Ep. 0294 Hearing the Dharma from All Buddhas 從諸佛聞法
2020.05.18 Ep. 0293 All Things Arise from Causes and Conditions 因緣而生 戒慎三業
2020.05.14 Ep. 0290 Abide in the One Vehicle 唯令住一乘
2020.05.14 Ep. 0289 With the Buddha's Understanding and Views, Sentient Beings Can Awaken 以佛知見示悟眾生
2020.05.13 Ep. 0288 Putting Aspirations into Practice 令發心起行
2020.05.13 Ep. 0287 Ultimate Wisdom and Relative Wisdom 如理如量之智
2020.05.12 Ep. 0286 The Tathagata-garbha in Us All 人人皆具如來藏
2020.05.12 Ep. 0285 Respectfully Listen to and Accept Instruction 聞教誡 需敬受
2020.05.11 Ep. 0284 Awaken to the Buddha's Understanding and Views 開佛知見 離垢清淨
2020.05.11 Ep. 0283 The Ultimate Reality 究竟實相
2020.05.07 Ep. 0280 Two Vehicle Practitioners Seek Understanding 二乘啟知求解
2020.05.07 Ep. 0279 Proclaiming the Dharma According to Capabilities 方便施教 對機而演
2020.05.06 Ep. 0278 Teaching with Suitable and Skillful Means 方便善巧而教
2020.05.06 Ep. 0277 Giving Suitable Teachings for Sentient Beings 隨順眾生 隨宜而教
2020.05.05 Ep. 0276 The Wondrous Dharma Is Rare and Precious 妙法難得 莫如曇現
2020.05.05 Ep. 0275 Be Pure and True 純有貞實
2020.05.04 Ep. 0274 Do Not Obstruct Your Own Mind 莫自心起障礙
2020.05.04 Ep. 0273 Do Not Be Attached to Your Own Views 莫偏執己見
2020.04.30 Ep. 0270 Vow to Transform Sentient Beings 唯願化眾生
2020.04.30 Ep. 0269 Mindfully Seek the Dharma 用心求法
2020.04.29 Ep. 0268 The Supreme Two-Footed Honored One 無上兩足尊
2020.04.29 Ep. 0267 For Deep Understanding, Eliminate Doubts 深智信解 離諸疑悔
2020.04.28 Ep. 0266 Arrogance Obstructs the Noble Path 七慢障聖道
2020.04.28 Ep. 0265 Cultivate Virtue to Eliminate Arrogance and Pride 修德治貢高我慢
2020.04.27 Ep. 0264 Nurture Wisdom and Sharp Capabilities 培養智慧利根
2020.04.27 Ep. 0263 Respect and Believe the Supremely Honored One 敬信無上尊
2020.04.23 Ep. 0260 Diligently Advance and Be Courageous 勤加精進 發勇猛心
2020.04.23 Ep. 0259 The Right Moment to Awaken 觀機信力 適應機宜
2020.04.22 Ep. 0258 Reestablishing Respect and Trust 運悲啟智 重起敬信
2020.04.22 Ep. 0257 May He Teach the Suchness of Truth 願為如實說
2020.04.21 Ep. 0256 The Nature of True Suchness Is Like the Sea 真如性海 殷勤契理
2020.04.21 Ep. 0255 Walk the Path to Virtue 行道進德
2020.04.20 Ep. 0254 Perfecting Ultimate Enlightenment 仰學圓滿究竟之覺
2020.04.20 Ep. 0253 Behold the Dharma with Admiration 長養慕法之心
2020.04.16 Ep. 0250 Cultivating a Straightforward Mind 直心是道場
2020.04.16 Ep. 0249 The Dharma Attained at the Training Ground 道場所得法
2020.04.15 Ep. 0248 Inconceivable Teachings 不可思議法
2020.04.15 Ep. 0247 Practice Right Dharma for Blessings and Wisdom 精修正法 福慧圓滿
2020.04.14 Ep. 0246 Wisdom Illuminates the World Like the Sun 智慧如日照人間
2020.04.14 Ep. 0245 With Samadhi, Our Minds Are Not Scattered 深心定力一心不亂
2020.04.13 Ep. 0244 Plant the Root of Great Faith to End Doubts 深植大信 斷疑契悟
2020.04.13 Ep. 0243 Diligently and Faithfully Pursue Wondrous Dharma 妙法未圓 信力精進
2020.04.09 Ep. 0240 Verbally Teaching Skillful Means 音聲言教 方便力